Full height industrial turnstile in Cape Town

The turnstile is 100% locally designed and manufactured in South Africa. The turnstile is designed to handle high volumes of traffic and is 100% duty rated. Our full height industrial turnstile in Cape Town can interface with any bio-metric reader system or any other card reader system. Remote control or keypad. All the electronic equipment is manufactured to ISO 9002 standards. We are so confident in our product that we give 7 years’ warranty. We install and supply, contact us today for your free quote.

Mantrap full height turnstile in Cape Town.

The turnstile is 100% locally designed and manufactured in South Africa. The turnstile is designed to handle high volumes of traffic and is 100% duty rated. Our mantrap turnstile in Cape Town can interface with any biometric reader system or any other card reader system. All the electronic components are manufactured to ISO standards.

Special Operating Features

The turnstile disables the reader when locked at 0° and will only enable the reader when the rotor is locked in 45°. When locked in 45° the logic disables the entry and exit push buttons. The rotor will always unlock after a selectable time when locked in 45° to ensure no person can be trapped in the turnstile unnecessarily if the card is invalid or if the reader goes faulty. The turnstile will always let the person out in the correct direction to ensure no unauthorized access is gained.

The turnstile electronics remembers the sequence of events and in the case of a power failure, the turnstile logic will remember the last moment and will continue with the process after power is restored. The turnstile also has a built-in tamper alarm. The logic can sense when tampering is taking place.


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Full height industrial turnstile and mantrap features

  • Heavy-duty precision mechanism nickel plated.
  • No base bearing at the bottom of the rotor. Bearings are situated at the top channel where it is protected from the elements.
  • Top rubber shock absorber limits shock load damage to mechanism and ensures quiet operation.
  • Main power supply can be installed from the bottom or top of the unit.
  • Modular assembly provide for moving turnstiles in through confined routes for final installation.
  • Easy access to electronic control modules.
  • Modular plug-in electronics provides for easy and quick repairs.
  • Programmable electronic selections i.e. auto re-lock after a predetermined time if no rotation is detected.
  • Failsafe or secure mode options-units remain locked or unlocked during power failure mode.
  • Lockable lid.
  • Key switch overrides standard in all units.
  • Remote mounting of control electronics possible customized sizes and finishes available on request, also S/S 304.
  • All framework epoxy powder coated in Hammer tone gray, but any other textured RAL colours are available on request.
  • Mounting base size: 1750S x 1450L x 150mm deep.
  • Concrete requirement: 25mpa minimum.
  • Minimum ceiling height requirement: 2600mm from the floor.
  • Gate walk through opening 500mm.
  • Physical size: 1670mm (W) x 1180mm (L) x 2130mm (H) mass: 250kg.
  • Time and attendance.
  • Access control.
  • Security and risk control.
  • Stadium turnstile.
  • Sports complexes.
  • Event halls.
  • Race tracks.
  • Arenas.
  • Offices.
  • Banks.
  • Museums.
  • Public premises.
  • Casinos

The mechanism is designed so that no person can be locked in at 45°. The rotor can only lock at 0°. Modular assembly framework. The turnstile can interface with any biometric system or any other card reader system.

The components of this mechanism have a long service life and the moving parts (excluding solenoid) should be cleaned and freshly greased approximately every 6 to 12 months. The framework of the turnstile should occasionally be cleaned and paintwork chipping should be repaired to prevent rusting.

Where high level of security is required or for time and attendance application. Because the turnstile ensures positive entry or exit, it will ensure that a person has entered or exited the premises.

The turnstile logic will always lock the rotor at 0° to ensure a high level of security and will always unlock the rotor at 45° to ensure users safety.


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