Intercom systems in Cape Town

We provide a wide range of intercom systems in Cape Town that cater for all access applications. We supply and install from standard one to one or two wire audio systems. Even the sophisticated bus line and digital audio/video entrance systems for larger applications. We have a solution to suit your needs. An Intercom systems in Cape Town (intercommunication device), talkback or door phones is a stand-alone electronic communications system intended for limited or private dialogue.

The Benefit of Intercom systems

Paging systems benefit businesses by providing better internal communications, general notifications, and emergency alerts. Both analog and IP paging solutions are available. The versatility of these devices like door phones, entry phones and intercoms makes them ideal for any kind of communications and security strategy. In retail spaces, paging speakers serve as dual-purpose solutions for both announcements and background music. Offices and warehouses can pair entry phones and door controllers with locking mechanisms to create keyless entry and intercom systems. Purpose-built devices like emergency phones are also available. We consider ourselves proud to be part of the supply chain of Intercom systems in Cape Town.


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Intercom systems in Cape Town features

Distributes the total monthly cost billed to you by your cellular service provider on a per second basis, according to each unit’s call usage. This report provides the unit’s number, total call duration in seconds, unit’s overall system usage and the total amount due from each unit.

Gate Access Report
Gate access operations i.e. the number dialled, PIN codes used, remote controls used, as well as the time, date and description of the gate opening.

A complete report of edits or changes made to a unit’s record during a specific period. The report records the date and time of change, who made it, as well as the action performed and the unit affected.

  • Farfisa.
  • Aiphone.
  • Mircom.


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Years of experience
Over the years, the company has developed an integrated design and production system that allows complete control over all supplied products.
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Rockpac supply, maintain and install high-level security systems in Cape Town, Vehicle Access, Pedestrian Access and Parking Control Systems.
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We provide our clients with a 24 Hours and on time service, providing back up with respect to after sales servicing and repairs to equipment.
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We provide clients with onsite training to equip their technical staff with the relevant knowledge to operate and maintain all our products.


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“Rockpac has been a tremendous tool that allows me to safeguard my Business from non-Authorized access. I have full control over my Business.”
Smart24, Owner
``I have gone from being in a hopeless business situation to having a building with access control that's essentially impossible to break into.``
MDM, Manager
``I have met with a number of access control companies. What stood out to me with Rockpac is their reliability and people behind the company.``
DP, Manager


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