Cantilever gates installation Cape Town

Our cantilever gates installation Cape Town is designed to open and close by running in the air. The cantilever gates support tower and the cantilever gates support frame is designed to ensure smooth and effortless operation every time. The gate is not affected by the condition of the road surface, its closing like curbs. Gate can close over a railway track.

A system for sliding cantilever metal gates suitable for both commercial and industrial applications. Cantilever gates are ideal for security, traffic control or where road surfaces are uneven. The roadway is free of rails since the cantilever gates is supported by rollers which slide in a tubular track fitted to the bottom of the gate. The system is suitable for manual or automated gates.


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Cantilever gates Features

  • Gate width: 3m to 10m.
  • Gate height: 2m to 3m.
  • Gate clearance under gate = 130mm.
  • Gate frame bottom rail = 200 x 100mm rectangular tube.
  • Gate top and side frame: 100 x 100mm square tube.
  • Gate support uprights: 100 x 50mm.
  • Gate support tower: 2m (w) x 3.1m (h).
  • Roller bearings: special design and manufactured by Boom gate systems® and fully sealed.
  • Motor: Any industrial strength motor.
  • Cantilever support frame: 200 x 100mm I.R. beam about 11m long.
  • Mining.
  • Military.
  • Cargo Handling.
  • Railway shunting yards.
  • Airports.
  • Heavy industrial.
  • Industrial and commercial.
  • Any application where a bottom rail cannot be installed.
  • Gate is designed to operate without bottom rollers on gate.
  • Gate opens and closes suspended.
  • Gate suspended by means of a cantilever system.
  • Gate opening from 3m – 10m.
  • Designed for high security and durability.
  • Custom designed as per client’s requirements.
  • Safety I.R. Beams.
  • A safety edge can be fixed to front end of gate.
  • Gate can be equipped with gate open/close sensors.


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